CNN Nat Sec Analyst Compares Trump’s CPAC Speech To Hitler, White Supremacists, ‘Despotic Leaders’

It is nearly a foolproof method to determine whether or not President Trump did well in a presidential speech by the reaction of CNN and other mainstream media leftists.

When they use ludicrous and outlandish language to describe his speech, it likely means that Trump did well or said some things they vehemently opposed.

A recent example: President Trump’s Conservative Political Action Conference speech.

Trump addressed the mostly conservative crowd for two hours where he swiped Democrats, boasted about the economy, announces a new executive order, and told the country that it ought to return to its roots.

Per Mediaite:

During his speech today, Trump said, “The men and women here today are on the front lines of protecting America’s interests, defending America’s values, and reclaiming our nation’s priceless heritage. With your help, we are reversing decades of blunders and betrayals. These are serious, serious betrayals to our nation and to everything we stand for. It’s been done by the failed ruling class that enriched foreign countries at our expense. It wasn’t America first, in many cases it was America last. Those days are over, long over.”

CNN’s reaction was less than impressed and their National Security Analyst Sam Vinograd even compared it to National-Socialist leader Adolf Hitler.

Vinograd said his speech made her “sick” with Trump’s remarks and said they could pose a national security concern.

As the Daily Caller reports, Vinograd said to CNN’s Ana Cabrera: “Well, Ana, his statement makes me sick, on a personal level, preserving your heritage, reclaiming our heritage, that sounds a lot like a certain leader that killed members of my family and about six million other Jews in the 1940s.”

She continued: “But our national security level, the president talks about preserving our heritage as a catch-all for implementing policies that misallocate resources.”


He pretends there are massive flows of illegal immigrants coming over our borders and is spending billions of dollars on a border wall emergency, instead of paying attention to real national security threats. He sounds a lot like despotic leaders that have talked about white heritage and white nationalism around the world and is putting resources in the wrong place, and pretending that there are foreign people trying to influence our country in a way that just isn’t accurate.

The analyst also said Trump was attempting to sow discord and contended that Russian President Vladimir Putin “scripted his speech.”

“He denigrated our institution, the Department of Justice and U.S. Congress,” CNN’s national security analyst said. “He spread misinformation and conspiracy theories, he undermined the credibility of several of our institutions, he sewed divisions, he sewed confusion, he was speaking to his base, but he was also saying things that really looked like Vladimir Putin scripted his speech.”

Check it out:

Here’s more, from the Daily Caller:

This is not the first time a politician was compared to the infamous dictator this week. A Minnesota County GOP office shared a photo comparing Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders to Hitler.

Andy Hollinger, the communications director for the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, previously directed The Daily Caller to an article they published on the increase in comparisons made between the Holocaust or Hitler and a political opponent.

“This oversimplified approach to complex history is dangerous,” it reads in part. “As the Holocaust recedes in time, some Americans (and Europeans) are becoming increasingly casual and disrespectful to the mass murder of millions.”

Take a look:

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