Senators Want Trump To Accept 74,000 Venezuelans

President Trump is now being tasked by members of the Senate to grant temporary legal status and accept more than 74,000 Venezuelans into the United States.

The effort is being led by Senator Marco Rubio who wrote to President Trump to accept the thousands who are escaping Nicolas Maduro’s regime. Rubio is the only Republican in the Senate backing the effort and is joined by 23 Democrats.

“It is obviously too dangerous for Venezuelan nationals to return to their country,” Rubio said in the letter, the Washington Examiner reports.

According to the report, the Trump administration has been considering whether or not to grant the temporary legal protection to those who fled their home country.

From the report:

President Trump’s team has been mulling the possibility of granting Temporary Protected Status, a legal protection from deportation that can be granted to people who confront “extraordinary and temporary conditions” in their home country, for weeks. They haven’t come to a decision yet, but congressional support for the proposal is building as lawmakers look to alleviate the humanitarian crisis under way as Maduro defies international calls to relinquish power.

Rubio expects Venezuela to run out of basic food supplies “in a handful of days” as conditions in the country continue to deteriorate, the result of a political and economic crisis years in the making. Maduro-aligned security forces blocked, in late February, the delivery of U.S. humanitarian aid that would have entered the country in coordination with Juan Guaido, the opposition leader who has been recognized as interim president by Trump and dozens of other Western leaders in the last six weeks.

The brewing humanitarian catastrophe has lent urgency to congressional calls for the administration to authorize the emergency legal status.

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According to the State Department’s Special Envoy Elliott Abrams the policy of accepting the Venezuelans citizens is currently being reviewed.

“There are 74,000 who are here, who applied for asylum, so they are in a sense being protected you might say by delays in that process but they have come to the United States,” he also said, per the Washington Examiner.

Senator Rubio is pressing Trump to accept the foreign citizens as a larger effort to grant relief to the country.

“The move would not only immediately help innocent Venezuelan citizens, but would demonstrate our nation’s commitment to supporting a safe democratic transition in Venezuela so that individuals can safely return home soon,” Rubio continued.