Trump Proposes Budget With Two Of His Main Initiatives…Will Dems Go For It?

The border wall debate may be back on as President Trump has included a request for significantly more border wall funding in a new budget proposal to Congress.

The proposal also includes funding for the Space Force, Trump’s initiative for a new military branch.

Here’s more, from ABC News:

For the first time, Trump plans to stick with the strict spending caps imposed years ago, even though lawmakers have largely avoided them with new budget deals. That will likely trigger a showdown with Congress.

The official said Friday that the president’s plan promises to balance the budget in 15 years.

Trump will seek $750 billion for defense, a boost for the military, while cutting non-defense discretionary spending by 5 percent below the cap, said the official, who was unauthorized to discuss the document ahead of its release and spoke on condition of anonymity.

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The White House regularly submits budget proposals to Congress which reflects its priorities for the coming year, where lawmakers can then choose to implement the request into its actual budget.

The bill includes cuts to the Environmental Agency and aims to balance the federal budget. ABC News reports the federal official said Congress’ spending has been out of control, something the Trump administration is looking to change.

“The cuts being requested by the White House would hit discretionary spending as well as some mandatory safety net programs, which Trump has proposed in the past. Many Republicans are often eager to reduce government spending, but Congress has had trouble passing bills that seriously slash the safety net programs used by many Americans,” ABC News reports.


By proposing spending levels that don’t raise the budget caps, the president is courting a debate with Congress. Lawmakers from both parties have routinely agreed to raise spending caps established by a previous deal years ago to fund the government.

Trump, though, has tried to resist those deals. He threatened to veto the last one reached in 2017 to prevent a shutdown. Late last year, a fight over border wall funds sparked the 35-day shutdown that spilled into this year and became the longest in history.