NO ONE Is Talking About The ‘True Hero’ Who Staved Off Terror Attack At Second Mosque

The horrific shooting incident in New Zealand where at least 49 people were killed and dozens more were rushed to the hospital may have been much worse if it weren’t for the brave efforts of an armed local man, the New Zealand Herald reports.

According to the report, a man helped end the rampage that is already being described as one of New Zealand’s darkest days.

From the report:

Syed Mazharuddin witnessed the attack and said he heard gunshots and could tell the shooter was very close.

“People got feared and there was screaming around and I tried to take cover,” he said.

“By the time I took cover this guy came through the main entrance door and it’s a small mosque – there were about 60-70 people there.

“Just around the entrance door there were elderly people sitting there praying and he just started shooting at them.”

Mazharuddin said the shooter was wearing protective gear and firing wildly.

A man from inside the mosque then tried to tackle the gunman.

“The young guy who usually takes care of the mosque … he saw an opportunity and pounced on [the gunman] and took his gun,” Mazharuddin said.

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“The hero tried to chase and he couldn’t find the trigger in the gun … he ran behind him but there were people waiting for him in the car and he fled.”

According to the report, several people in the mosque were bleeding heavily and the timely save prevented the gunmen from continuing their assault. The New Zealand Herald reports more than one gunman was present during the shooting incident at the second mosque.

Mazharuddin reportedly witnessed several of his friends get shot during the assault. At least one of the two friends died at the scene as the other was carried away by emergency services.

Twitchy reports some people online are applauding the efforts of the local, who has not yet been named.