Mob Comes After ‘Superman’ Actor Dean Cain For Egg Attack Comments — He Sets Them Straight

A now-viral video of a boy slapping an egg to the back of Australian senator Fraser Anning’s head has been the talk of the internet and even drew the ire of “Superman” actor Dean Cain.

In the video, a boy is seen standing behind the senator with a camera phone in his hand as the senator addresses several reporters on live television. The boy then slaps a raw egg to the back of the senator’s head who turns without hesitation and slaps the boy back.

The 17-year-old boy was pinned down after the hit and was later released by law enforcement authorities without any charges.


And…from another angle:

The video sparked a small debate as to whether the senator was in the right to retaliate, or whether the senator deserved to be egged in the first place due to “Anning’s ‘Islamophobic’ views and anti-immigration stance,” the Daily Caller reports.

Cain would have pulled no punches he said in a tweet.

“I would have knocked that kid cold,” he said.

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And, speaking of the boy: “You do that to anyone, be prepared to accept the consequences. No joke.”

What would Superman have done? Someone contended he would have gone after the senator, but Cain set the record straight.

“No,” he tweeted. “He would have allowed the #freespeech but disagreed with it.”

The Daily Caller adds:

Cain spoke with The Daily Caller on Sunday, adding a more extensive explanation.

“You cannot attack someone for their political views, no matter how abhorrent,” he said. “Not with an egg, not with fists, not with guns. That’s wrong. In the U.S. we have the First Amendment which protects all speech, including unpopular speech, as long as it doesn’t call for violence. While I totally disagree with what I’ve seen of the Senator’s positions, is it illegal for him to hold them? Should he be physically attacked because of them?”

Cain also agreed that it was strange that while people have focused their criticism on Anning — for his political views and for hitting the boy who egged him — no one is criticizing those who appear content to perpetuate the idea that a violent attack of any kind is a reasonable response to disagreeable words or ideas.