Ocasio-Cortez Demands Chelsea Manning Be Released from Prison, Says He’s Being ‘Tortured’ in Solitary Confinement (Which His Jail Doesn’t Even Have)

WATCH: Chelsea Manning in custody for refusing to testify on WikiLeaks

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thinks Republicans attack her because they are threatened by her. That’s not the case. They mock her because she makes it so easy.


AOC can’t seem to go a single day without saying or tweeting something completely ridiculous.

Here’s her latest brilliant statement.

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A few problems here. First of all, solitary confinement is not torture. Second of all, the jail Chelsea is in doesn’t have solitary confinement. Third of all, AOC didn’t seem too worried when Paul Manafort was “tortured” in solitary confinement for months for tax issues.

Twitter was all over her.

Another swing and a miss for AOC.

H/T Twitchy