Dem Hopeful Kirsten Gillibrand Commits Biggest Self-Own In History, Dunks On CNN Too

Democratic presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand took to Twitter on Tuesday morning to express just how excited she was for an upcoming CNN town hall.

In a video tweet, Gillibrand is seen in athletic garb, at-bat, and crushing a pitch into the outfield of a softball facility.

Knocking a homer in the sport understandably sparks excitement, but her point mostly backfired when several people online joked that the video was an accidental ding at CNN for pitching “softball” questions.

“Getting ready for tonight’s CNN town hall!” Gillibrand said in the tweet.

Check it out:

Here’s how some people responded:

During the town hall, Gillibrand clarified and apologized for her former stance on immigration. She previously campaigned on increased border security, calling it a “a national security priority.”

“When I was a member of Congress from upstate New York, I was really focused on the priorities of my district. When I became senator of the entire state, I recognized that some of my views really did need to change,” Gillibrand said via CNN. “They were not thoughtful enough and didn’t care enough about people outside of the original upstate New York district that I represented. So, I learned.”

She continued: “And I think for people who aspire to be president, I think it’s really important that you’re able to admit when you’re wrong and that you’re able to grow and learn and listen and be better, and be stronger. That is something that Donald Trump is unwilling to do. He is unwilling to listen, he is unwilling to admit when he’s wrong. He’s actually incapable of it. And I think it’s one of the reasons why he is such a cowardly president.”

At another point of the town hall, Gillibrand remarked that she once had an A-rating from the National Rifle Association. Rather than apologize for this, she said she would use her proficiency on gun laws to lead a discussion with gun owners on gun control.

“I think I can walk into any voter in a red state or a purple state or a blue state, gun owners, NRA members, and say, ‘You do care about a 4-year-old dying on a park bench in Brooklyn, don’t you?'” Gillibrand said. “And the humanity of each person in this country should kick in.”

“And you are going to ask them to imagine that happening to their own child, their own loved one, and their own family. And I think you can change hearts that way,” she concluded.

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