Poll: A Staggering 58 Percent of Voters Approve of Trump’s Handling of the Economy

Despite getting ringed by mainstream media and the new Democratic majority in the House, President Trump is still continuing to push the economy forward: historic employment highs, unprecedentedly low unemployment levels, a rising stock market, wage growth, a near 3.0 GDP growth over the year and more.

Trump is equipping the U.S. economy with everything it needs to flourish and the American people are taking notice, NBC News reports.

From the report:

Voters’ attitudes about the economy will be the driving force in the next presidential election, according to the first Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Policy “Battleground Poll” of the 2020 cycle.

While President Trump’s overall unfavorable rating has remained steady at 55 percent since he announced his candidacy in 2015, 58 percent of voters approve of the job he has done on the economy.

Democratic pollster Celinda Lake of Lake Research Partners said the Democratic Party will need to focus on the economy or “it will find itself in serious jeopardy for the 2020 election.”

Lake has conducted the “Battleground Poll” since 1991 with Republican pollster Ed Goeas of The Tarrance Group.

In his analysis, Goeas sees the economy as a way for Trump “to win over voters who might be put off by his sometimes abrasive personal style.”

Under Trump, the country has more job openings than there are people looking for employment—a never-seen-before statistic.

If the “Battleground Poll” is any indication, all this economic success may only be one election away from a downturn.

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“[Seventy-four] percent of Republicans think the country is going in the right direction. That’s compared to 92 percent of Democrats who say the country is on the wrong track,” NBC News reports.

According to the poll, in addition to the economy, gender will likely play an important factor in the upcoming presidential election.

Check it out, via NBC News:

Gender will play a role in 2020, with men saying they’ll vote Republican by a 9-point margin while women say they’ll vote Democratic by an 18-point margin on a generic Congressional ballot.

This gender gap has been mainly caused by a decline in support for Republicans among married white women and white women overall. On the issue of the economy, however, President Trump still has a 58 percent approval from white women and a 63 percent approval from married white women.

The “Battleground Poll” surveyed 1,000 registered voters considered “likely” to vote in 2020 between March 31 and April 4. The margin of error is 3.1 percent.