‘Case Closed’: McConnell To Formally End 2-Year Mueller Investigation Without Any Charges Against POTUS

On Tuesday morning, Republican Majority Senate Leader Mitch McConnell put the cap on more than two years of Democrats investigating President Trump during a speech on the Senate floor.

As USA Today reports, McConnell announced: “Case closed.”

No more special counsels. No more investigations. No more allegations.

“This investigation went on for two years,” McConnell said of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe. “It’s finally over.”

“Many Americans were waiting to see how their elected officials would respond,” McConnell continued via Fox News. “With an exhaustive investigation complete, would the country finally unify to confront the real challenges before us? Would we finally be able to move on from partisan paralysis and breathless conspiracy theorizing? Or would we remain consumed by unhinged partisanship, and keep dividing ourselves to the point that Putin and his agents need only stand on the sidelines and watch as their job is done for them?”

“Regrettably, I think the answer is obvious,” he added.

Here’s more:

McConnell said that the Obama administration let Russia “get away with almost anything,” and that he’s glad the Mueller investigation dug into Russian election interference.

Yet, McConnell said, Democrats are unwilling to accept the investigation’s conclusion that there was no evidence of an illegal conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia. Instead, he claimed, they are continuing to go through “the five stages of grief,” including denial with regard to Mueller’s findings and anger toward Barr for how he’s handled the release of Mueller’s report. House Democrats currently are weighing whether to formally accuse Barr of contempt of Congress for not cooperating with their subpoena for Mueller report files.

“They seem to be angrier at Bill Barr for doing his job than they are at Vladimir Putin,” McConnell said. He accused Democrats of slandering Barr because they don’t like how the Russia investigation turned out.

Democrats, though, maintain there’s still more to learn from the Russia probe, especially surrounding the question of whether President Trump obstructed justice.

And, from USA Today:

McConnell compared Democratic complaints over the need to continue the 22-month investigation to the movie “Groundhog Day,” where the protagonist repeats the same day repetitively. He also called efforts for continued investigation “unhinged partisanship” that would keep the country divided.

But Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said Republicans dragged their feet on efforts to enhance election security and instead sought to discourage investigations of Trump because of fears about where they would lead.

“What we have here is a concerted effort to circle the wagons, to protect the president from accountability, to whitewash his reprehensible conduct by simply declaring it irrelevant,” Schumer said.

The dueling speeches came on the same day staffers from the House Judiciary Committee are meeting with Justice Department officials about whether more information from Mueller’s 448-page report can be released publicly.

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