Concealed Carry License Holder, 41, Defends Himself Against Attempted Carjacking

A carjacking attempt in Chicago turned deadly when the attempted thief decided to mess with a 41-year-old concealed carry permit holder.

As WGN9 reports, the carjacking attempt took place at 3 a.m. on Friday, April 26, when a 22-year-old man driving a 2019 Volkswagen rear-ended the older man’s 2015 BMW.

The Chicago Tribune reports: “When the man in the BMW got out to check the damage to his vehicle, police have said, the other driver pulled a weapon, announced a carjacking, demanded the man’s keys and shoved the man into the BMW, where he was able to retrieve his own gun from an area on the passenger side of the car and fatally shoot the man in the head.”

According to the report, the 22-year-old who was killed at the scene was identified as Lonell Irvin by the Cook County medical examiner’s office.

Officer Jessica Rocco, speaking on behalf of the Chicago Police Department, said the 41-year-old gun owner acted well within his rights to protect himself and his belongings, “He was a concealed carry holder, so he was legally able to have that gun, and he was the victim.”

Here’s more from the report:

Irvin was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Police have said two weapons were recovered at the scene, supporting the BMW driver’s explanation of events.

Rocco added the shooting was determined to have been in self-defense.

Initially, the 41-year-old was questioned about the shooting of the 22-year-old to determine key details such as whether the pair knew each other prior to the shooting, said Anthony Guglielmi, a police spokesman.

“We have not found a link between the 41-year-old Chicago man and the offender, but we’re certainly looking at that to make sure that nothing could have precipitated this,” Guglielmi previously said while the investigation still was ongoing.

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Detectives have since determined the BMW driver was justified in shooting his weapon. It remained unclear whether the car crash that led up to the shooting created a crime of opportunity for the would-be carjacker, or if it was part of an orchestrated plot to steal the BMW.

National Rifle Association spokeswoman Dana Loech shared the story on Twitter, captioning it: “Law-abiding gun owner with a LTC defends himself against armed carjacker.”