Conservatives Respond After PA State Rep Harassed Elderly Woman & Teens, Giant Pro-Life Rally Planned

Republican Congressman Steve Scalise and conservative pundit Matt Walsh are going after Pennsylvania State Representative Brian Sims for his video-documented harassment of an elderly woman at a Philadelphia Planned Parenthood clinic.

In the video, which was widely shared online, Sims approaches an elderly woman standing outside of the clinic and mocks her age, religion, and race. He claims that she is bigoted and repeatedly claims she should feel shame for her actions. She, through all of this, remains quiet besides telling Sims to leave her alone.

At one point of the video, Sims pushed his camera inches from her face and she attempts to bat it away. The woman then pulls out her phone and Sims taunts her to call the police. He said he is a state rep and knows the law enforcement in the area.

“This is how low the left will go to bully, demonize, and taunt those they disagree with,” Scalise tweeted in response to the video. “When the facts aren’t on their side, they try to silence debate through attacks. This is harassment, and this man is a coward.”

BizPac Review reports:

The abortion enthusiast projected himself onto the national stage when he was seen on a video boasting about harassing an “old white lady” standing outside an abortion clinic.

The woman was alone, praying silently when Sims aggressively confronted her and filmed himself taunting and haranguing her — again, this is a state lawmaker.

But that was only a glimpse of how despicable the Democrat is.

Sims apparently fancies himself as a progressive martyr defending the “right” to kill unborn babies as he posted a second video a few weeks back of himself setting upon three teenage girls outside a southeastern Pennsylvania Planned Parenthood facility, Life News reported.

Not only does he verbally assault the girls in the Facebook Live video, he encourages viewers to doxx the teens — publicly posting a person’s name and contact information to draw harassment.

Conservative pundit Matt Walsh quickly called out Sims’ harassment and planned an entire pro-life event at the very same Planned Parenthood clinic for this Friday.

“This coward is accosting women and children at this clinic in Center City. Let’s organize a huge pro-life rally at this location. I’d be happy to drive up there. Who’s game?” Walsh said in a tweet. “Let’s see if Brian is man enough to show up when there’s more than just kids and elderly women there.”

“Let’s organize a giant pro-life rally at the abortion clinic in Center City where @BrianSimsPA has been harassing children and elderly women,” Walsh tweeted. “Let’s see him come out and harass all of us. Retweet this and let’s get it organized.”

And, speaking directly to the state representative, Walsh added: “I’ll be there, Brian. I’d be happy to have you come stick a camera in my face. Though I know you prefer to target women and children.”

After a warm reception to the idea of organizing a protest, Walsh tweeted: “It’s happening. 11 AM on Friday. 1144 Locust St.”

And: “We invite everyone to come this Friday to the Planned Parenthood on 1144 Locust Street in PA where @BrianSimsPA has been harassing pro-life demonstrators. 11 AM. Expecting a big crowd. It’s worth taking some time off work to come to this, if you can.”

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