Leftist Media Says Giving Your Baby Up For Adoption Is Actually ‘More Emotionally Painful’ Than An Abortion

As several states across the country are looking to enact pro-life legislation, banning abortion, the Left is now shamelessly suggesting that killing a baby in an abortion procedure is less “emotionally painful” than seeing the pregnancy through to its natural birth and giving the child up for adoption.

The claim comes right out of a report from The Atlantic which reads, “Why So Many Women Choose Abortion Over Adoption.”

Their reason? “Some American women see giving up their babies as more emotionally painful than terminating their pregnancies,” the outlet wrote.

Twitchy responded:

“Many” women seem to find adoption more emotionally distressing. And why would that be? Because they realize they’ve brought a new, innocent human life into the world and can’t help but feel connected to it once it “looks” like a human being?

We’re sure “many” women also consider their abortions to have been emotionally scarring, but we’re guessing the article doesn’t get into that.

And, from the Atlantic report:

For the most part, women are not choosing abortion instead of adoption. In fact, both adoption and abortion rates have fallen over time, while births to unmarried women have risen over the past few decades. This suggests to some researchers that women are choosing between abortion and parenting, and more and more, unmarried women are choosing parenting. “Women just generally aren’t interested in adoption as a reproductive choice,” says Gretchen Sisson, a sociologist at the Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health research group of the University of California at San Francisco. “It’s an extremely rare pregnancy decision.”

The mothers who did choose adoption ultimately reported that they were happy with their decision. But Sisson says that, at least initially, “adoption can be deeply traumatic. Uniformly, the birth mothers experience grief after placement. It’s a very hard choice and one that a lot of women are not interested in making.”

In the study, several women expressed an unwillingness to part with a baby they had carried to term and given birth to. “I had too many feelings for her to give [her] to someone I barely knew,” one woman said. Some said they would feel guilty placing their children with adoption agencies, and one even imagined the fully-grown child coming back one day and interrogating her about her choice. “By the time they are delivering the child, women feel bonded to their pregnancies and their children,” Sisson told me.

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Interestingly, in the report, it describes adoption—not abortion—as a “morally unconscionable option because giving one’s child away is wrong”:

Sisson’s findings echo a study published in 2008 of 38 women who were getting abortions. It found that a quarter of the women had considered adoption, but they largely regarded it as too emotionally distressing. “Respondents said that the thought of one’s child being out in the world without knowing whether it was being taken care of or who was taking care of it was more guilt inducing than having an abortion,” wrote the authors, who are researchers from the abortion-rights think tank the Guttmacher Institute. In another Guttmacher study of women seeking abortions, in 2005, one-third of women considered adoption but “concluded that it was a morally unconscionable option because giving one’s child away is wrong.”

Like in Sisson’s paper, one respondent in the 2008 study referenced the bond she expected to form with the baby as the factor that prevented her from going with adoption. “If I go that far, I’m attached. I cannot just give my baby away to someone,”

As for “more emotionally distressing than termination,” several people who responded to the report disagreed: