Report: Key Documents Related To Obama Spying On Trump Will Be Declassified Soon

Republican Congressman Mark Meadows has some conservatives on the edge of their seats as he recently told them the declassification of Russia investigation documents is “right around the corner.”

During an interview with Fox News, Meadows said early instances of spying by an Obama-run Department of Justice will soon be released to the public.

“I think the delay is over,” Meadows said via the Washington Examiner. “I think the president is serious. I’ve spoken to him recently and I think declassification is right around the corner, and hopefully, the American people will be able to judge for themselves.”


Meadows was asked to respond to a Fox News interview by former Rep. Trey Gowdy on Sunday in which he said transcripts between FBI informants and former Trump campaign associate George Papadopoulos have “the potential to be a game changer.”

“Gowdy has seen documents that actually I have not seen,” Meadows said. “But we have come to the same conclusion and that is, indeed, George Papadopoulos was actually taped and recorded.”

According to Meadows, the FBI began to spy on Papadopoulos despite knowing he was not working with or on behalf of the Russian government.

The transcripts Gowdy mentioned allegedly confirms this point as well as offer evidence the FBI specifically left out information concerning Papadopoulos when they applied for a FISA warrant, the Washington Examiner reports:

As part of that investigation, Papadopoulos pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his communications with Joseph Mifsud, the professor who reportedly informed Papadopoulos that Russians had harmful information on Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Papadopoulos also met with Cambridge professor Stefan Halper, an FBI informant, during the campaign.

Gowdy suggested that one of the transcripts concerning Papadopoulos could have the potential to “persuade people,” and signaled that the FBI had refrained from including information about Papadopoulos when applying for a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act application against Carter Page, another Trump campaign aide.

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Gowdy called the information in transcripts a “game changer,” should it ever be publicly released.

“I think one in particular is going, it has the potential to actually persuade people,” Gowdy said via the report. “Very little on this Russia probe, I’m afraid, is going to persuade people who hate Trump or love Trump. But there is some information in these transcripts that I think has the potential to be a game changer, if it’s ever made public.”

“If you have exculpatory information and you don’t share it with the court, that ain’t good,” Gowdy added, speaking of the FBI’s decision to leave out evidence that would attest for Trump campaign officials’ innocence.