You Asked For It And Now It’s Here: Trump Singles Out Obama Holdovers Who Committed Treason

President Trump did not hold back at all when he was finally asked to name names of those individuals he believed were guilty of acting against him and his presidency.

During a press conference on May 23, Trump was asked which, if any, Obama holdovers he thought acted improperly or acted with treasonous intentions to undermine his election or administration.

BizPac Review reports:

President Donald Trump is kicking *ss and taking names — of Deep State operatives, that is.

During a fiery May 23 press conference, Trump called out these Obama holdovers at the FBI for trying to stage a coup against a duly-elected president:

– Former FBI Director James Comey.

– Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

– Former FBI deputy assistant director of counterintelligence Peter Strzok.

– Former FBI attorney Lisa Page, Strzok’s mistress.

“They have unsuccessfully tried to take down the wrong person,” Trump said via the report. “If you look at Comey, if you look at McCabe, if you look at probably people higher than that [they probably committed treason]. “If you look at Strzok, if you look at his lover, Lisa Page [they’re all guilty].”

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Trump said these operatives and perhaps others were guilty in attempting to take down a sitting president. Their failed effort was being continued by some House Democrats who are still unaccepting of the 2016 presidential election.

“That’s what’s happening right now — without the ‘treason’ word I guess — but that’s what’s happening now,” Trump said via BizPac Review. “They don’t feel they can win the election, so they’re trying to do the thousand stabs. Keep stabbing.”

Since Russian hacking claims did not stop Trump, those on the Left moved on to collusion, then obstruction. Now, Democrats are desperately looking in to Trump’s taxes to find something impeachable.

The president continues to attest for his own innocence and predicted these lawmakers would continue to find nothing as Special Counsel Robert Mueller already looked into his taxes.

“I would think that Bob Mueller and his group of 18 killers would gone over my taxes,” Trump said. “They’ve gone over my financial statements to a level that no one has gone over them before. And they were not discussed [in the Mueller report]. They weren’t even brought up.”

BizPac Review reports:

If President Trump sounds angry, it’s because he has a right to be. And so do all Americans, whose tax dollars are being wasted on frivolous, nonstop investigations simply because they don’t like Trump’s brash personality. Get over it!

Meanwhile, they’re neglecting to stem the alarming illegal immigration crisis unfolding at the US-Mexico border. They are also failing to address critical issues that affect Americans’ real lives (and not just the trendy topics that left-wing “journalists” push on Twitter) such as:

– Homelessness across the country.

– Alarming opioid epidemic.

– Crumbling infrastructure.

Illegal immigration crisis.

Geopolitical threats.