NYC Is Paying Tens Of Millions To Train Their Teachers In ‘Implicit Bias’ Course (Report)

The New York City Public School system is reportedly spending tens of millions of taxpayer dollars on controversial “implicit bias” training that several people are criticizing as “racist.”

The New York Post reported earlier this week that New York’s Department of Education spent $23 million for mandatory training that instructs teachers to prioritize helping racial minorities over white children, regardless of their economic background.

From the report:

A consultant hired by the city Department of Education told administrators at a workshop that “racial equity” means favoring black children regardless of their socio-economic status, sources said.

“If I had a poor white male student and I had a middle-class black boy, I would actually put my equitable strategies and interventions into that middle class black boy because over the course of his lifetime he will have less access and less opportunities than that poor white boy,” the consultant, Darnisa Amante, is quoted as saying by those in the room.

“That’s what racial equity is,” Amante explained.

Twitchy adds:

We also learned that “white supremacy is characterized by perfectionism, a belief in meritocracy, and the Protestant work ethic,” according to an executive who’d been through the training and that the New York City public school system was heavily invested in the training.

Here’s even more from a Fox News op-ed, written by Fox News contributor Deroy Murdock:

Courageous Conversations is a mandatory program to expunge the “implicit bias” of every Department of Education employee. It does not regard people as individuals within New York City’s government school system. Rather everyone is evaluated as a member of one racial group or another.

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This dermis über alles approach is the dictionary definition of racism.

City Hall and the Department of Education are spending $23 million in taxpayer funds to force school employees to fetishize their racial differences and their supposed inner bigotry. New teachers in New York average $56,711 annually. So, this haul could finance 405 new teachers.

Murdock argues:

If this race-driven dearth of black-male life prospects is so axiomatic, how did neurosurgeon and HUD Secretary Ben Carson, M.D. make it?

How did former American Express CEO Ken Chenault make it?

How did astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson make it?

How did Motown founder Barry Gordy make it?

How did Academy Award-winning cineaste Spike Lee make it?

How did CNN anchor Don Lemon make it?

How did Fox Business Network host Charles Payne make it?

How did Tony Award-winning actor Denzel Washington make it?

How did author and Fox News contributor Juan Williams make it?

Conversely, how have so many anonymous white men on opioids not made it?

Here’s what some other people are saying about the training:

The New York Post reports four white female DOE executives were demoted under new New York City Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza. These women claim Carranza created an environment where whiteness is “toxic” and are subsequently suing him for racial discrimination.

Check out this interaction:

At a monthly superintendents meeting in the spring of 2018, shortly after Carranza’s arrival, members were asked to share answers to the question: “What lived experience inspires you as a leader to fight for equity?”

One Jewish superintendent shared stories about her grandmother Malka who told of bombs falling in Lodz, Poland, and running from the Nazis in the wee hours by packing up her four children and hiding in the forest, and her grandfather Naftali, who spent nearly six years in a labor and concentration camp, where he witnessed the brutal execution of his mother and sister.

“My grandparents taught me to understand the dangers of ‘targeted racism’ or the exclusion of any group, and the importance of equity for all people. This is my core value as an educator,” the superintendent told colleagues.

“At the break, I stood up and, to my surprise, I was verbally attacked by a black superintendent in front of my colleagues. She said ‘This is not about being Jewish! It’s about black and brown boys of color only. You better check yourself.’”

“I was traumatized,” the Jewish educator said. “ It was like 1939 all over again. I couldn’t believe this could happen to me in NYC!”

The educator said she was told to undergo “replacement thinking,” adding: “My ancestors were enslaved and murdered because of their religion, I am now being forced to become ‘liberated’ from my whiteness. I am being persecuted because of the circumstances of my birth. I was not aware that I needed to be liberated from how God created me.”