‘Completely Bullied By The Media’: Kanye West Rips Mainstream Media During Letterman Interview

During an interview with David Letterman, rapper and producer Kanye West put the heat on leftists and mainstream media who he claimed acts to brainwash their audiences into believing and thinking a certain way.

“We’re pushed into it. We’re being driven crazy,” West said during the Netflix interview which aired on May 31, via BizPac Review. “We forget who we even are. We’re completely bullied by the media — both celebrities and the masses — to think certain things and have group thought.”

“You’re scared to voice, ‘I’ve got an opinion that might not be of the crowd.’ We don’t have to feel the same way about things,” the Grammy winner told Letterman.

West continued: “This is my thing with Trump: We don’t have to feel the same way. But we have the right to feel what we feel. And we have the right to have a conversation, a dialogue, not a diatribe about it.”

West made national headlines last year when he said he was beginning to think for himself, commending Candace Owens for similarly calling out mainstream media.

The report adds:

West is a Trump supporter who has been viciously attacked and smeared by the media and by leftists as an “Uncle Tom” and a “token Negro” for saying he “loves Donald Trump.” Kanye and Trump have been friends for years — preceding his tenure as POTUS.

Kanye says the media foments anti-Trump outrage to the point where Trump supporters get verbally abused and even physically attacked.

Here’s more:

David Letterman interjected, saying that seeing celebrities like Kanye express their support for the sitting United States president are “hurting people who are already being hurt [by Trump’s policies].”

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West countered with: “But have you ever been beaten up in high school for wearing the wrong hat? Liberals bully people who are Trump supporters [and treat them like enemies of America]! You can’t just go and wear the hat.”

Kanye added that he works with some people in the entertainment industry who voted for Trump but admits they’re “scared for life to tell anyone.”

Letterman tried to embarrass Kanye by interjecting: “Did you vote for Trump?”

West replied: “I’ve never voted in my life.”

Letterman joked that West should not have a say in politics if he does not vote. The two went on to discuss mental health and how it personally affects West in the music industry.