Hillary And Chelsea Clinton Are Reportedly Starting New Company

Former Secretary of State and two failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is reportedly teaming up with her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, to start a new Hollywood production company.

The Washington Examiner reports the two have already spoken to studios about financing the business venture. According to the report, the Clintons want to use the new platform to prioritize “stories about women or are created by women.”

“The yet-to-be-named company is one of a number of business opportunities Hillary Clinton is considering,” the report adds.


Last year, the 71-year-old former Democratic presidential contender signed on to assist producing a show about the activists who helped get women the right to vote called “The Woman’s Hour.” The show is being adapted from a 2018 book by Elaine Weiss.

Chelsea Clinton, 39, published her fifth children’s book in April. One of her previous books was turned into a stage musical.

Former President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle went down a similar path after leaving the White House and started a production company called Higher Ground Productions, which has a deal with Netflix.

Hillary Clinton’s post-election life included a national book tour, a commencement address at Hunter College in New York City, and most recently she was selected to be the keynote speaker at a cyber defense summit for FireEye.

The Daily Caller reports Clinton will have plenty to talk about at the summit as she was accused of mishandling classified information during her time at the State Department. Check it out:

The private email server that Clinton used while at the State Department contained thousands of emails that contained classified information, including some at the top-secret level.

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Clinton was widely ridiculed during the campaign when she was asked whether she deleted any of the emails from her server.

“Like, with a cloth or something?” she asked in response to the question.

The FBI investigated Clinton for mishandling classified information, but she was not charged in the probe.

James Comey, who served as FBI director during the investigation, called Clinton’s use of the server “extremely careless.” He said it made more vulnerable to cyber attack by foreign powers, though investigators did not find evidence that the server was hacked.