Must-See: Straw Ban Story Goes Viral

Liberal cities across the country, from Seattle to San Francisco, to even Washington D.C., are banning the use of plastic drinking straws.

Wait staff throughout restaurants in these cities are instructed not to hand out a straw except for those who are elderly or disabled. Otherwise, the staffers themselves could be penalized for handing over the plastic drinking straws.

Proponents of the new law say it is a good step to take to better protect the environment and to prevent these straws from entering oceans and lakes. Critics say the ban goes too far and places an unnecessary burden on the disabled who are still denied a straw.

Twitchy reports:

In June last year, Santa Barbara, Calif., passed an ordinance that put Seattle’s to shame, ordering that a second infraction of the law could face a maximum fine of $1,000 and up to six months in jail. No wonder waitresses are wary to give out straws on request.

Newsweek noted that Santa Barbara’s law “does include exemptions in consideration of the Americans with Disabilities Act,” which is the first thing many Twitchy readers noted when we first started writing about straw bans — what about kids, the elderly, and the disabled?

And, thanks to a Twitter user named “moe,” people finally have an answer to that question. Here’s her story:

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Despite several people inquiring for the name of the restaurant, Moe did not provide it.

“My town would have my head,” she said in one response, claiming in other responses that the restaurant was well-liked in the area.

Here’s how some people responded to the now-viral story: