Trump Looks Deep Into The Rule Book To Stop Immigration Welfare Abuse, Aims To Get ‘Every Dollar’ Back

President Trump has directed his acting Citizenship and Immigration Services Director and former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to start enforcing a set of Clinton-era immigration laws that would penalize United States citizens for sponsoring legal immigrants.

“Want to sponsor a legal immigrant? No problem. Just be prepared to reimburse the government for all costs in case that legal immigrant decides to mooch from the government’s teat,” BizPac Review reports.

The old laws require just that—”If the sponsored immigrant receives any federal means-tested public benefits, the sponsor will be expected to reimburse the benefits-granting agency for every dollar of benefits received by the immigrant,” Cuccinelli said in his memo.

“The President has made it a priority to ensure that every individual who seeks to come to the United States is self-sufficient, temporarily or permanently,” the memo continues via the report. “The principle of self-sufficiency has been enshrined in our immigration laws since the 1800s, and we as an agency must ensure that immigrants who become part of this great country abide by this principle.”

BizPac Review adds:

President Donald Trump has grown tired oflegal immigrants burdening America welfare system and forcing U.S. taxpayers to subsidize their lifestyles.

And yes, legal immigrants do collect welfare. While most new legal immigrants are barred from America’s generous safety net, those who’ve been in the states long enough may collect certain types of welfare, according to the Center for Immigration Studies.

Data shows that immigrants tend to collect welfare at a higher rate than native-born Americans.

According to a 2014 survey of income and program participation, 55 percent of all immigrant households accept at least one form of welfare. That number drops to 35 percent of native (citizen) households.

Disparities are also evident when breaking down the forms of welfare, including 35 percent of all immigrant households receive government-subsidized food (food stamps, WIC, school lunches) compared to just 21 percent of native households; And, 42 percent of non-citizens receiving Medicaid compared to just 23 percent of native households.

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Here’s more from Cuccinelli:

And, from BizPac Review:

While Democrats and their media allies framed the memorandum as another sign of Trump’s alleged cruelty, the memo specifically noted that the goal was to stop immigrants from “straining the social safety net and jeopardizing [the] benefits needed by the most vulnerable American citizens.”

Friday’s move comes weeks after word broke that the president is considering implementing a regulation that would pave the way for immigration authorities to deport those low-income immigrants who abuse America’s welfare system.