Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe Speaks Out On Impeachment, Uses 2 Words

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe revealed during an interview with CNN that he wants President Trump impeached.

McCabe, who was fired from his post within the FBI for lacking candor, or lying, said impeachment proceedings should begin “absolutely” and “immediately,” the Washington Examiner reports.

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McCabe acknowledged House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s resistance against pursuing impeachment, fearing backlash from the electorate.

But McCabe insisted that impeachment proceedings “could provide important, essential testimony to Congress that can only be done in the scope of an impeachment inquiry.”

McCabe said action “should be taken immediately” and added that “whether or not that results in articles of impeachment and trial in the Senate and all of those sorts of things is beside the point.”

Watch his comments below:

McCabe’s comments come amid an intra-party struggle within the Democrat Party on the issue of impeachment. Several members have openly called for Trump’s impeachment following the conclusion of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s nearly two-year-long investigation.

As the Washington Examiner reports, Mueller concluded, in his final report, that neither President Trump nor any of his campaign associates were guilty of colluding with Russian entities to win the 2016 presidential election.

However, the issue of obstruction was somewhat unclear. Mueller did not definitively say whether Trump obstructed justice, but offered ten examples of potential obstruction efforts. The president took the final report as an exoneration as it did not claim he was guilty. McCabe and some congressional Democrats are taking the final report to suggest Trump is guilty as Mueller did not definitely call him innocent.

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The Washington Examiner adds:

Although Trump says he has been vindicated, Democrats argue Mueller’s refusal to clear Trump on obstruction provides them a road map to continue to investigate and possibly seek impeachment. Attorney General William Barr said he and former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein determined there was not sufficient evidence to establish a crime had occurred.

McCabe’s endorsement of impeachment is notably a step further than his former boss, ex-FBI Director James Comey, has gone. Comey warned in March that the country “would see this as a coup” and has pushed for pushing Trump out of office in the 2020 election.

McCabe was fired from the FBI on March 16, 2018, after the Justice Department’s Office of the Inspector General determined he misled investigators about the role he had in leaking information to the Wall Street Journal in October 2016 about the investigation into the Clinton Foundation. McCabe argued that his firing was an attempt to discredit the FBI and Mueller’s investigation.