‘We Are Not Going Back’: 2020 Dem Jumps On Bandwagon To Criticize America

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris is jumping on the bandwagon to contend President Trump is wrong for wanting to “make America great again” and that the country was never that great in the first place.

During a Democratic rally in Charleston, South Carolina, Harris asked: “I know that we have a president who says he wants to ‘make America great again.’ Well, what does that mean?”

“Does that mean he wants to take us back to before schools were integrated?” she continued. “Does that mean he wants to take us back before the Voting Rights Act was enacted? Does that mean he wants to take us back before the Civil Rights Act was enacted? Does he mean he wants to take us back before Roe v. Wade was enacted?”

Harris is not the first Democrat to peddle these lines, Twitchy reports:

We have a theory about progressives — they’re so consumed with whatever utopia they envision that they can’t abide being associated with anything flawed. Yes, America was and is flawed. Slavery was an aberration. America ended slavery, but that’s not good enough. Nothing will be good enough until … reparations are passed? The Green New Deal is signed into law? Capitalism is replaced with socialism?

As Twitchy reported, Pete Buttigieg is on the “America was never great” train, telling crowd after crowd that America’s past was never “as great as advertised.” And now Kamala Harris is either ripping him off or echoing Hillary Clinton.


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