Rihanna Goes Right After Trump With New Shirt, MAGA Nation Quickly Responds

Barbadian singer and businesswoman Rihanna took to social media to let her supporters know that she supports immigrants in their struggle to come to the United States.

The music icon posted a photo on her Twitter account of her alongside several women holding up a shirt that reads, “Immigrant.”

“Hey Donald Trump,” the caption reads.

It is unclear if Rihanna is launching a new clothing line or simply sending a political message, but the post stirred quite the controversy.

More than 100,000 people had retweeted it by Monday morning and the photo received just under 470,000 likes.

Several people responded to the post calling it “beautiful” or by saying Rihanna should run for the presidency.

Some others responded to the post by saying Rihanna was misrepresenting or misinterpreting Trump’s stance on immigration. He’s all for legal immigration, people echoed. Check it out, via Twitchy:

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