No Hiding It: Bernie Sanders Said He’d Work To Undo Everything Trump Has Accomplished

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said if he were to win the presidency, he would spend his first day undoing everything President Trump accomplished.

“On day one we take out our executive order pen, and rescind every damn thing on this issue that Trump has done,” Sanders said during the second Democratic debate via ABC News.

At another point of the debate, when the candidates were answering questions on the GOP tax cuts in 2017, Sanders attacked Trump again: “I think the response is that the polls have us 10 points ahead of Donald Trump because the American people understand that Trump is a phony. Trump is a pathological liar and a racist and that he lied to the American people during his campaign. He said he was going to stand up for working families. Well, President Trump, you are not standing up for working families.”

ABC News reports:

When asked will taxes go up for the middle class in a Sanders’ administration, he responded, “People who have healthcare under Medicare for all will have no premiums, no deductibles, no co-payments, no out of pocket expenses, yes, they will pay more in taxes but less in healthcare for what they get.”

And, concerning gun ownership:

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders was pressed by the moderators on a 2013 interview he gave, in which he said, “my own view on guns is everything being equal, states should make those decisions.”

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“That’s a mischaracterization,” he replied, despite being corrected that it was a quote, before adding, “In 1988, Rachel, when it wasn’t popular, I ran on a platform of banning assault weapons.”

Sanders added that the United States is facing a “gun crisis” and spoke on his record of pushing for a ban on assault weapons.

President Trump responded to the second night of debates in a tweet where he specifically referenced Joe Biden and Sanders.

“I am in Japan at the G-20, representing our Country well, but I heard it was not a good day for Sleepy Joe or Crazy Bernie. One is exhausted, the other is nuts – so what’s the big deal?” he tweeted.