Hot Take: Joe Biden Claimed Russia Never Interfered In Foreign Elections Under Him And Obama

Joe Biden, the front runner in a 20-plus candidacy pool seeking the Democratic nomination to take on President Trump in 2020, claims he would never allow Russia to interfere in foreign elections under his watch.

During an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Biden claimed Russia never interfered in foreign elections while he and former President Obama were in the office.

“Why did we set up NATO, Chris? So no one nation could abuse the power in the region, in Europe, that would suck us in in the way they did in World War I and World War II. It’s being crushed,” Biden said. “Take a look at what’s happening with [Russian President Vladimir] Putin. While Putin is trying to undo our elections, he is undoing elections in Europe.”

“Look [at] what’s happening in Hungary. Look at what’s happening in Poland. Look at what’s happening,” he continued.

“You think that would happen on my watch, on Barack’s watch? You can’t answer that, but I promise you it wouldn’t have. And it didn’t,” the former vice president claimed.


Per a Washington Examiner op-ed:

Joe Biden is at it again.

The former vice president took another crack at whitewashing the Obama legacy in a CNN interview this week, claiming he and President Obama would not have allowed Russian election interference to happen on their watch. The insane thing about this is: Russian election interference most absolutely happened during the Obama years.

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Special counsel Robert Mueller and the U.S. intelligence community have concluded also that Russian interference in the 2016 American presidential election specifically dates back to the Obama administration.

Biden cannot possibly be this ignorant about what went on during the years he served as vice president. Well, then again, let’s think about this. Though it seems unfathomable that the man who served as second-in-command to President Obama would be so uninformed about Russia’s efforts to upset foreign elections, it is worth remembering that Biden is the same person who sneered in 2012 when GOP nominee Mitt Romney warned that Russia is the U.S.’ greatest geopolitical foe: “These debates have exposed that Gov. Romney and Paul Ryan have a foreign policy right out of the ’80s, a social policy out of the ’50s.”

Biden’s latest remarks may contradict what he said in 2018 about Russia’s attempts to hack the 2016 U.S. presidential election. NBC News reported in 2018:

But the Obama administration shared some responsibility for what happened because of its response to Russia’s actions.

“We should have called them out much earlier,” [top Democratic Congressman on the House Intelligence Committee Adam] Schiff said. “While I respect the motive in terms of the Obama administration, they didn’t want to be seen as meddling, the American people had a right to know what was going on and could be trusted to do the right thing with it. And they should have defended being more public and aggressive at the time, at least in my view.”

Just a month ago at the same venue, former Vice President Joe Biden defended the administration for not being more forceful in warning the public about Russia’s activities. He said President Barack Obama was constantly walking a political “tightrope” in not wanting to be seen as politicizing a foreign threat, but also that the full scale of Russia’s efforts was not fully known until after the election.

“Had we known what we knew three weeks later, we may have done something more,” Biden said during a Jan. 23 event at the Council on Foreign Relations.