New Shirt Swipes Colin Kaepernick’s Opposition To The U.S. Flag

Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick caused quite the stir when he recommended sports retail giant Nike pull a line of patriotic shoes which depicted Betsy Ross’ 13-star American flag.

The decision was criticized as “un-American” and “unpatriotic” but some people are using Nike’s loss for their own gain.

The Patriot Depot is looking to seize on the loss when they announced they would be selling a new t-shirt with the same 13-star flag and the words “Just Stand For It” — an obvious connection to Nike’s “Just Do It” motto.

From the Western Journal:

Although historians dispute its origin, the “Betsy Ross flag” quickly became a powerful symbol in a fledgling America.

Patriots of all colors and creeds quickly rallied behind the flag. In one continental regiment, a foreign officer estimated that at least one quarter of the troops were black.

These fighters were highly praised, with the same foreign officer commenting that these men were “the most neatly dressed, the best under arms, and the most precise in its maneuvers.”

The flag would remain a symbol of America for over 200 years, even making a major appearance during the second inauguration of President Barack Obama.

Now, Nike and Kaepernick have demeaned and insulted the very flag that so many valiant patriots fought under.

With the shoes off of the shelves, police veteran Ron Slagle said he too was inspired to market his own design.

Slagle objected to Nike’s decision, Fox News reports, saying: “The Betsy Ross objection with the shoe for Nike translates into a loss of history. And I believe at times that’s the biggest loss we have is really knowing what the history about that is.”

As a result, Slagle revealed his new “Honor and Respect” sneaker design which will commemorate the police, of which he has served for 24 years, the Western Journal reports.

“The flag means freedom,” Slagle said. “The flag is a symbol of what we fought for and a lot of Americans are still fighting for today.”

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