Doctor Defines ‘Man’ As ‘Anyone Who Identifies As A Man,’ Matt Walsh Calls Him Out

In a testy exchange on Twitter, conservative pundit Matt Walsh and doctor Eugene Gu debated how a person ought to define “man” in the 21st century.

As the progressive Left continues to maintain a person’s right to choose their own gender vis-a-vis social determination, Walsh argued there must be more to it.

“It’s a scientific and medical fact that men can get pregnant and also have abortions,” the doctor said in a post. “Trans men and non-binary individuals are human beings who deserve to be acknowledged by society. They choose their own identity—not me, not you, not any doctor, and certainly not any politician.”

Walsh, seeking clarification, responded simply: “Doctor, what is a man? Please provide a definition. Thank you.”

The doctor’s answer for what a “man” is—is just a person who identifies as a “man.”

Walsh immediately called out the problem with this definition:

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Several people were quick to remind the doctor that using a term to define a term hardly does anything to actually provide a definition: