As Mueller Testifies Before Congress, Here’s Every Word Of His Final Report

On Wednesday morning, former Special Counsel Robert Mueller sits before the House Intelligence Committee where he is answering questions concerning his investigation into President Trump and the contents of his final report.

Mueller initially resisted requests to testify, saying he could speak on nothing further than what was already in the final report—which he said was his testimony.

Democrats want to question him anyway and called him in to testify.

The Justice Department, ABC News reports, also reminded Mueller ahead of his Wednesday testimony not to stray from the contents of the report in his remarks.

From ABC News:

Democrats want Americans — many of whom have not read his report — to hear Mueller describe his investigation, including the evidence he gathered regarding possible obstruction of justice by President Donald Trump.

Specifically, did Mueller punt to Congress because Justice Department policy precludes prosecuting a president in office?

For his part, Mueller has signaled his intention to “not go beyond our report” in any remarks before Congress, fearing he could get dragged into a political slugfest. But last month, upon announcing Mueller’s planned appearance, Rep. Adam Schiff, the Democratic chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said that while Mueller remains “deeply reluctant” to testify, “Congress has questions that go beyond the report.”

The final Mueller report was released by Attorney General William Barr back in April when Mueller wrapped his near two-year investigation. Its contents are below:

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