Pelosi Speaks On Rift In Democrat Party: ‘We Don’t Have Divisions. We Have Differences…’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is looking to repair the image of the Democrat Party following several weeks of intra-party quarrels and clashes.

Pelosi, herself, has been at the center of most of the interactions as she tried to rein in the freshmen members who refer to themselves as “the squad” and she most recently sought to quell impeachment murmurs following former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony.

Politico reports Pelosi’s rebound attempt comes on the heels of more than 90 members of her party having voted against her to impeach President Trump.

“I know that you all have fun saying we have divisions,” Pelosi said to a group of reporters on Thursday evening, Politico reports. “We don’t have divisions. We have differences of opinion.”

From the report:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had a list in hand as she worked the floor on Wednesday, buttonholing her members to secure an even bigger vote count for her hard-fought, massive budget deal.

By Thursday, Pelosi shepherded enough Democrats to back her grand fiscal bargain with President Donald Trump that she didn’t need a single GOP vote — a decisive victory for Democrats and a stark rebound for the speaker after a chaotic month that laid bare painful divisions within the caucus.


Separately, Pelosi navigated her caucus through one of the most high-profile moments of the majority — former special counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony before two congressional panels — while averting what some Democrats feared could be a stampede toward impeachment.

The successes on both fronts had House Democrats marching in lockstep as they departed the Capitol on Thursday for a six-week recess, some literally throwing their hands up with joy as they exited the chamber. It’s an outcome that some lawmakers didn’t expect after seeing the open sparring between moderate and progressive Democrats — overshadowed only by Pelosi’s own feud with the freshman “squad” — just weeks earlier.

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Pelosi, like a battered boxer heading back to his corner after a round of fighting ends, can take a much-needed breather and can begin to refocus how she plans to lead the party when they all return to Washington.

According to the report, the recess will last for the next six weeks where no legislative business will be conducted.

House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn credited Pelosi on her successful negotiations with President Trump and Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell, saying: “A whole lot [of credit] goes to the speaker. This negotiation on this budget was her doing.”

“And I can’t think of one single person who does not feel that this is a much better deal than they ever thought she would get to,” he added.