Above The Law? Dem. Senator Wyden Admits to Escorting Migrant Across The Border

Democratic Senator Ron Wyden admitted in a series of social media posts that he helped escort a young, pregnant migrant girl across the border so that she could receive medical attention.

“I went across the border into Juarez, Mexico to tour a shelter housing asylum seekers being forced to stay in Mexico instead of the U.S. while they wait to hear if they’ve been granted asylum. They are fleeing persecution and violence, seeking a better life for their families,” Wyden tweeted, providing a reason for why he was visiting the area in the first place.

“While across the border, I met a young woman who was seeking refuge in the U.S., who was more than 8 months pregnant,” he added. According to his account, the young woman attempted to enter the United States several times but was denied access. That is, until Wyden and his team personally escorted her across.

“She tried to get across the border but was denied until it became clear to law enforcement that I was accompanying her. She was taken to a hospital to get care,” the Oregon Democrat said in a tweet.

Wyden claims the girl “had serious medical complications that were life-threatening to her & her unborn baby.”

“It shouldn’t have to take being escorted by a U.S. Senator to get asylum seekers and migrants to safety in the United States. After my time in Juarez, I’m reflecting on the hundreds — perhaps thousands — of women just like her who are unable to get the medical care they need,” the senator concluded.

Yahoo News called Wyden a “Good Samaritan” and applauded his efforts but some people online claimed Wyden, by sharing this story, may have admitted to trafficking or otherwise illegal activity:

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