‘Americans Deserve Better’: GOP Leader Crushes Dem Rep. For Doxxing Trump Supporters

Following up the shooting incident in El Paso, Texas, where a gunman who took the lives of over 20 people over the weekend, Democratic Congressman Joaquin Castro criticized President Trump and said he holds some responsibility for instigating the assault.

He then carried over his criticisms of the president to his supporters and tweeted out a list of those people who live in the San Antonio area, where Castro represents, who have contributed the maximum legal amount to Trump’s campaign.

The list, Politico reports, includes names and occupations of his constituents.

From the report:

Joaquin Castro, a Democratic congressman from Texas and chairman of the presidential campaign of his twin brother, Julián, fired back on Tuesday after being castigated on social media for tweeting the names and occupations of his constituents who’d maxed out their donations to President Donald Trump.

His tweet contained a graphic titled “Who’s funding Trump?” and listed the names of 44 people who purportedly contributed the maximum amount allowed by campaign finance laws. Their occupations, which, like donor names, are public record, were also listed. Close to a dozen of the donors shown are retirees.

The graphic, which Castro indicated had originated with a Democratic activist group, was blasted out to the more than 27,000 followers of his congressional campaign account on Tuesday afternoon. It came as politicians’ loaded rhetoric has come under closer scrutiny after a mass shooting over the weekend in El Paso that killed 22 and wounded dozens of others. Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric, which mirrored language used by the suspected shooter in a racist manifesto, has loomed over the tragedy in the days since.

Check it out:

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Several Republican members of Congress criticized Castro’s deliberate sharing of the Trump supporters’ personal information.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy tweeted: “Targeting and harassing Americans because of their political beliefs is shameful and dangerous. What happened to ‘when they go low, we go high?’ Or does that no longer matter when your brother is polling at 1%?”

“Americans deserve better,” he added.

In a tweet, Senator John Cornyn similar called the action “grossly inappropriate.”

“This win-at-all-costs mentality, publicly targeting an opponent’s supporters, and encouraging retaliation is dangerous and not what Texans have a right to expect from their members of Congress,” the Republican senator added.

Politico reports House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, who was shot at a congressional baseball practice in 2017, said:  “People should not be personally targeted for their political views. Period. This isn’t a game. It’s dangerous, and lives are at stake.”

“I know this firsthand,” the Louisiana Congressman continued.

Here’s how some other people responded: