4 Dead, 2 Injured After Southern California Stabbing Spree

Four people are dead and two others are injured after a man “full of anger” carried out a merciless knife-stabbing spree in Southern California, ABC News reports.

According to the report, the 33-year-old man who is now in police custody visited various localities, injuring or killing people at each.

Starting on Wednesday afternoon and continuing into Wednesday evening, the suspect began his random acts of violence, at approximately 4:23 pm, by robbing a bakery in Garden Grove, California. Shortly after, the suspect fatally stabbed one man and left another gravely wounded at a nearby apartment complex. The two victims were found by law enforcement where the first was pronounced dead at the scene and the other died later at the hospital.

From there, ABC News reports the suspect then “robbed a check-cashing business, also in Garden Grove.”


And then, 25 minutes later, a woman was stabbed multiple times at a Garden Grove insurance business. She is expected to survive, police said.

Four minutes after robbing the insurance business, the same suspect got into an argument with a man pumping gas at a neighboring Chevron station. The man was stabbed multiple times with knives and a machete and his nose was nearly severed, police said. He is, however, expected to live.

ABC News reports the suspect ended his spree at a 7-Eleven where he stabbed an armed guard and stole his gun. The guard later died.

Local law enforcement officers approached the suspect at the 7-Eleven where they demand he surrender the weapons. He complied and was subsequently brought into custody.

After conducting an investigation, law enforcement learned the suspect also robbed a Subway, stabbing and killing an employee there. It is unclear at what time this event occurred.

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ABC News adds:

“This is tragic. We don’t want to see tragedies like this happen,” said Garden Grove Police Lt. Carl Whitney. “We’ve seen tragedies like this happen across the United States, but what the good point we can see out of this is that our officers responded quickly, rapidly and were able to take this guy into custody as fast as we could.”

“These are all random acts of violence. Our suspect was not associated with any of our victims,” Whitney said.

Police called the man “full of anger.”

The suspect has a criminal history, and lived at the apartment complex where the first two people were found dead, police said.