Touching: Son Pilots His Father, Vietnam Vet, Home After Investigator Identifies Remains

A Dallas airport stood in awe and reverence for Bryan Knight, an Air Force veteran and Southwest Airlines pilot, when he landed back in the United States with his father’s remains from Vietnam.

Knight’s father, Air Force Col. Roy Knight Jr., was recently identified by investigators and were returned to the country 52 years after he was first deployed to serve in Vietnam.

Knight, speaking of the opportunity to bring his father home to Love Field Airport in Dallas, said via Daily Mail, “To be able to do this, to bring my father home – I’m very, very honored and very lucky.”

“How many people would ever have this kind of opportunity to do this?” he added.

Check it out:

The Daily Mail reports:

Fifty-two years ago, Bryan Knight, who just five years old at the time, waved goodbye to his father as he took off for Love Field Airport in Dallas for what would be the final time.

He could not imagine at the time that more than half a century later he would pilot the aircraft that would bring his father home to the same airport before he is taken to his final resting place.

Per the report, Knight described several instances where he would watch prisoners of war return home hopeful that his father would be among the group.

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“With the end of the war, I remember as a kid watching every single POW come off those airplanes,” Knight said.

“And I watched every one of them,” he continued. “Your job and your duty as a family and as a child is to have hope. But as a kid, what you really think is if you don’t do that you’re somehow going to be responsible for him being lost.”


Here’s even more from Daily Mail:

The hero pilot died aged just 36 in northern Laos on May 19, 1967, after his jet was shot down but his body was not found until earlier this year by investigators looking at crash sites in the area.

Dental records were then used to identify father-of-three Knight Jr. who had been declared dead in 1974 by the air force.

After Knight’s body was retrieved from the crash site and its identity confirmed, it was flown to Hawaii and then to Oakland.

Bryan Knight would pilot the final leg of the journey from California to Dallas.