Antifa Tells Law Enforcement Officers To Shoot Themselves Amid Spike In Cop Suicides

Members of the notoriously violent group, Antifa, held another protest in Portland, Oregon on Saturday afternoon where they attacked conservatives, beat pedestrians in the area, and taunted and mocked law enforcement officers.

BizPac Review reports the Antifa activists—going right up to the local law enforcement officers and telling them to shoot themselves—comes amid a spike of cop suicides over the year:

“Last year, more cops died by suicide than in the line of duty!” one activist yelled. “It’s because you all know your job is morally inept and ethically bankrupt. You know you’re a parasite, so shoot yourselves! Suicide is the only way out!”

“You’re perpetuating a system of white supremacy as a white or as a non-white … Now, don’t be upset that they won’t hire smart people. Don’t be upset. It’s the process of the system of white supremacists to use the low IQ to fight their ways,” he said.

These remarks were made amid a disturbing rise in nationwide cop suicides. According to data by Blue H.E.L.P., a nonprofit organization that advocates for mental health services for law enforcement, cop suicides this year are already up 24 percent over last year.

Just last week yet another officer — one in New York City — killed himself after 25 years of service.

President Trump quickly condemned Antifa’s actions at the rally and said “major consideration is being given to naming Antifa an ‘organization of terror.'”

BizPac Review reports:

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As of Sunday morning, not a single mainstream media outlet in the entire nation was reporting on Antifa’s disgusting behavior during the protests. Instead they were falsely portraying the group as “anti-fascists” and seemingly defending the “anti-fascists” from criticism by President Donald Trump.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler tweeted shortly after the protests: “In light of the recent mass shootings around the country, we prepared for the worst.”

“I am relieved that no lives were lost. Weapons were seized quickly,” he continued in the tweet. “@PortlandPolice did an extraordinary job keeping the peace, protecting life, & responding to violence.”