Another Gaffe? Biden Says Healthcare Focus Is ‘Not Quality’ But ‘Only Affordable’

Former Vice President Joe Biden may be leading the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, but he continues to offer voters reasons not to vote for him. These reasons usually come in the form of verbal slips where he intends to say one thing but says another or perhaps says the wrong thing altogether, mixing up his talking points.

In recent weeks, he told a crowd they ought to choose “truth over facts” and fumbled his texting line during the live, nationally televised debates.

Another similar gaffe occurred when Biden was speaking with a group of supporters in New Hampshire, an early and coveted state in presidential primaries.

Speaking to the crowd on healthcare issues, Biden said the new Democratic healthcare pitch would “make sure it’s not quality.”

“We’ll make sure it’s only affordable,” he added.


Biden went on to say that “for folks in the working class that are below 400, they will, in fact, will increase their premiums.” He quickly corrected himself to say, “increase the generosity of the premium tax credit that they now get.”

These gaffes come amid a slew of gaffes from the former vice president in a campaign effort which has him leading more than 20 others candidates.

The Daily Wire shared a video of some of Biden’s latest slips:

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