Alabama Church Sign Describes Voting For Trump As ‘Mental Illness’ And ‘Pure Racism’

An Alabama church is causing quite the stir online as it contains a particularly inflammatory, politicized message on the sign in front of its building.

The Western Journal reports the sign outside of the New Era Baptist Church in Birmingham reads on one side, “a black vote for Trump is mental illness.”

And, on the other, “a white vote for Trump is pure racism.”

New Era Baptist Church Pastor Michael Jordan, who is African-American, reportedly told local news station WZDX-TV that he posted the sign to sway people from voting for President Trump: “God motivates me to take a stand for what’s right. Read the Bible and look in the White House. If they call me a racist, look in the White House.”

“When you vote for Donald Trump, you are supporting institutionalized racism,” Jordan continued.

The pastor is standing by his sign amid the controversy, the Western Journal reports.

Check it out:

A blog post from the Hill reports:

Daxton Kirk, a local Trump supporter, told the station that people “should not be able to come into a building and feel like you are hated or diversified just because you came here to worship the Lord.”

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Kirk told the local station that he has reached out to the town’s City Hall to see if local officials can take action on the sign.

Here’s how some people are responding to the sign: