5 Dead, Including Gunman, 21 Injured In Odessa, Texas Shooting Spree

On Saturday evening, an anarchic shooting incident on a Texas roadway resulted in the deaths of five people, including the gunman.

More than twenty others were in injured in the assault which started when the gunman shot a police officer in Odessa, Texas and hijacked a postal vehicle. The man, whose identity has not yet been publicly revealed, then proceeded to shoot people from the truck at random.

From Politico:

At least five people are dead in West Texas after a man stopped by state troopers for failing to signal a left turn opened fire and fled, shooting more than 20 people as he drove before being killed by officers outside a movie theater, authorities said.

The shooting began Saturday afternoon with an interstate traffic stop where gunfire was exchanged with police, setting off a chaotic rampage during which the suspect hijacked a mail carrier truck and fired at random as he drove in the area of Odessa and Midland, two cities in the heart of Texas oil country more than 300 miles (483 kilometers) west of Dallas.

Police initially reported possible multiple shooters, but Odessa Police Chief Michael Gerke later said there was only one male suspect in his 30s.

The suspect shot “at innocent civilians all over Odessa,” according to a statement from Odessa police, which did not name the man or offer motive.

According to the report, seven people are still in critical condition at the Medical Center Hospital. One of the victims included a child under 2 years old who was transferred to another hospital.

Reuters adds:

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Authorities originally thought there were two shooters driving two vehicles, but Odessa Police Chief Michael Gerke told a news conference on Saturday evening that he believed there was only one.

The gunman was heading from Midland to Odessa on Interstate 20 when he was stopped at 3:17 p.m. local time, Gerke said. He shot the police officer, took off west on I-20 and then exited at Odessa. There he drove to a Home Depot and opened fire on passersby.

“At some point the suspect stole a mail truck and ditched his car,” Gerke said. He drove the mail truck back east, pursued by police, before crashing into a stationary vehicle behind the Odessa Cinergy multiplex complex, where he engaged in a gun battle with police and was shot dead, Gerke said.

Video shown by a local CBS affiliate showed the white postal van crashing into a vehicle at high speed outside the movie theater complex before the man believed to be the shooter was swarmed by police. Screaming theater goers ran from the complex.

Politico reports the Trump administration was quickly informed on the shooting and Vice President Pence responded by saying the administration “remains absolutely determined” to address gun violence. He said Trump was still speaking with members of Congress on a potential deal “so we can address and confront this scourge of mass atrocities in our country.”

ABC News reports the attack comes on the heels of shooting incidents in El Paso and Dayton, Ohio:

Walmart in El Paso, a bar scene in Dayton, Ohio, and just hours ago, a chaotic scene on Texas roadways.

Those were the scenes of mass shootings in the United States, claiming at least 35 lives and injuring dozens others — and all happened in the span of just one month.

On Saturday afternoon, on the last day of August, a gunman shot 25 people, killing four of them, during a shooting spree in Odessa, Texas, according to authorities.