19 Dem Candidates Attend ‘Steak Fry’ Parade, The Internet Is Grilling Them For It

At least 19 Democratic presidential candidates are showing how much they are really concerned about the environment as they attend a “Steak Fry” parade in Polk County, Iowa this weekend.

The Associated Press reports the event will which will feature more than 11,000 people who will “listen to bands, munch on 10,500 steaks or get food from food trucks, a vegan grill or a craft beer tent.”

This is the very same political party that claims they are trying to reduce red meat consumption as it has an adverse effect on the environment.

Here’s more from the Associated Press:

The festival vibe has some Iowa activists calling the steak fry the “Coachella of the Caucuses,” referring to the weekend-long music festival in California. Polk County Democratic Party Chairman Sean Bagniewski said the event purposely has a “modern twist.”

“That’s the future of the party — it’s gonna be more women in positions of leadership, it’s gonna be more people of color, and it’s going to be more young people,” he said.

But what hasn’t changed is the significance of the event for the presidential candidates. The steak fry comes as a number of candidates are reconfiguring their Iowa approach.

California Sen. Kamala Harris this week announced she would focus more heavily on Iowa in hopes of finishing in the top three. Meanwhile flagging campaigns like that of O’Rourke and Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar are campaigning beyond Iowa in an effort to broaden their national appeal.

According to the report, Democratic presidential candidates have used the annual event to garner additional support from Iowans, ahead of a crucial presidential primary election.

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Biden will host what his team is calling “Bidenfest” beforehand, featuring a bouncy castle, an ice cream truck and bands, and he’ll be marching in with a fire truck and a marching band from a Waterloo-area Baptist church.

California Sen. Kamala Harris will march into the event with striking McDonald’s workers demanding a $15 an hour wage, as well as the Isiserettes, a local Des Moines drumline that appeared regularly at Obama events, including the 2007 steak fry and later his inauguration.

Several people who responded to the “Steak Fry” online pointed out the glaring hypocrisy that some of these candidates are exhibiting: