New Change On Justin Trudeau’s Social Media Is Re-Stirring ‘Brownface’ Controversy

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is still reeling from a controversy earlier this week when photos and a video of him surfaced of him wearing a “brownface” costume to different parties.

In each instance, Trudeau was wearing dark-colored makeup on his face, neck, and hands.

While Trudeau apologized for the incidents and admitted he does not know how many more may surface, he re-stirred the controversy when he changed his profile picture on Twitter to him speaking with an individual of color.

Check it out:

Trudeau did not comment on the photo or share an announcement of the change—as if to make the change as quietly as possible. He did, however, pitch his re-election policies to ban “military-style assault rifles.”

Many people who responded to post described the change as “insensitive” or “out of touch.” Several others remarked that his damage-control switch is causing further damage.


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