Kanye West Reportedly Opens Up On Faith, Politics In New ‘Jesus Is King’ Album

Rap music icon Kanye West opens up with some of his personal beliefs in his new, soon-to-be-released album “Jesus is King.”

As Fox News reports, the album weaves together religious overtones with personal convictions as West goes from apologizing for his comments about 400 years of slavery being a “choice” to claiming the city of Los Angeles “lettin’ Satan run they streets.”

West also reportedly encourages young people to spend less time on social media in one of the songs.

The Sun‘s Simon Boyle writes:

Just 35 minutes long, “Jesus Is King” is an evangelical rant about the evils of the modern world — including the suggestion that it’s time for ­youngsters to put down Instagram.

The launch comes a year after the album was first meant to drop, and I got an early listen yesterday.

“Water” is among his wackiest tracks, featuring a claim the human body is 90 percent water. Scientists say it is 60 percent .

In “Closed On Sunday,” he slams Instagram instructing listeners to “put the ’gram away.”

Later, “LA Monster” slams life in Los Angeles.

West incants: “It’s the ugliest nightmare born from the prettiest dreams; millions of people trying to get on the scene; and everyone selling their souls, everyone saying they woke, but they sleepwalking, dead, eyes closed.”

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He later raps: “They lettin’ Satan run they streets.”

Complex reports West will be releasing a documentary film alongside the album which will be shown in IMAX.

“Filmed in the summer of 2019, Jesus Is King brings Kanye West’s famed Sunday Service to life in the Roden Crater, visionary artist James Turrell’s never-before-seen installation in Arizona’s Painted Desert,” IMAX reportedly said in a press release. “This one-of-a-kind experience features songs arranged by West in the gospel tradition along with music from his new album Jesus Is King—all presented in the immersive sound and stunning clarity of IMAX.”

And, per the report:

Jesus Is King was teased for release on Friday, but Kim Kardashian announced that the album would come on Sunday because Kanye was making “final tweaks” to the mixes.

The documentary is expected to release exclusively in IMAX theaters around the world on Oct. 25.

Several people on social media, including Republican candidate for New York’s 11th Congressional District Joey Saladino, agreed with West’s criticism of L.A.

Check out these responses: