Tucker Carlson Says Dems Need Impeachment Controversy Because They Are ‘Too Radical To Win a Conventional Election’

Democrats need this impeachment controversy to hurt President Trump because they would not otherwise be able to beat him, Fox News host Tucker Carlson said on his show Friday evening.

During “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the host said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s interest in impeaching is because her party has become “too radical to win a conventional election.”

“It’s about patriotism, kids. Aunt Nancy says it is. If you love this country, you will shut up and obey her. Ugh,” Carlson said per the Western Journal.

“What’s the point of even repeating a talking point that stupid? Is there a single person in this country who really thinks it’s about patriotism? In fact, is there anyone who thinks it’s about protecting the country?” the host added.

And, from the Western Journal:

Carlson said that if there is one political group that’s not the least concerned about protecting America, it is the Democrats.

“How many self-righteous lectures are we going to hear about national security, delivered by the very people who gave us open borders and an endless string of pointless wars?” Carlson said.

He then came to his point.

“There is no moral component to any of this. They saw an opening to grab power and they are taking it,” he said.

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Carlson said the Democratic push to influence the election with the impeachment inquiry is part of a larger belief by the Democrat Party that America’s electoral system failed them in 2016. And, Carlson theorized that they are looking to stop it from happening again.

“The president actually is beatable, theoretically, anyway. Look at the numbers. You could beat him. You could try anyway. Elizabeth Warren is not a weak candidate. So why not try? Why not just let democracy do its thing as it has every four years for 240 years?” the Fox News host said per the report.

He added, “This is the deepest truth, they can’t. They can’t win that way. The Democratic Party has become too radical to win a conventional election.”

Here’s even more from the interview, from the Western Journal:

Lost in all of the attacks against Trump is what Carlson called  “the most basic and universal promise that most political candidates make” to make better the lives of the people whose votes they covet.

“When was the last time someone on the left said that to you?” he said. “Unless you are a convicted felon or an illegal alien, you probably can’t remember the last time.”

“In just the last three years the Democratic Party’s agenda has become openly hostile to middle America. By the way, including to many of its own voters,” Carlson said.

“They are not even pretending anymore. If they get power, they are taking away your rights. Starting with the most basic right of all the right to defend yourself and your family,” he said.