Greg Gutfeld Calls Hillary Clinton ‘So Delusional. It’s Comical,’ Applauds Tulsi Gabbard For Calling Her Out

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld applauded Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard for her latest feud with twice-failed candidate Hillary Clinton.

During his “The Five” segment on Friday, Gutfeld applauded the Hawaiian congresswoman for her unbridled rebuke against claims that she is a Russian asset and her takedown of Clinton.

“Tulsi is a Grade A bada** right now,” Gutfeld said, BizPac Review reports.

“The reason why Hillary’s going after [her] is because she is different. She’s different than everybody up there,” the Fox News host continued. “She sounds like in many ways a traditional liberal. She’s not a hard leftist. She’s not into identity politics. She thinks her own way and that bothers [Clinton].”

According to the report, Gutfeld accused Clinton of “working from the same script” as mainstream media outlets in working against Gabbard. He said plainly that Clinton is “merely saying and echoing what you hear in the media.”

The Fox News host then sarcastically debunked Clinton’s claim: “But maybe Hillary’s right.”

“I mean, if you think about it, you know, here you have Putin who is grooming a Russian spy first to join the American military, right?” Gutfeld asked.

“Then after that Russian spy’s in the military, then you run for Congress, okay, in Hawaii,” he continued per BizPac Review. “And then you decide to run for president as a Democrat, only to leave and then go independent in order to ensure that Donald Trump is president.”

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“The Russians must have been genius to predict that Trump would be president in 2020, to pull this off. She [Clinton] is so delusional. It’s comical,” the Fox News host concluded.

BizPac Review adds:

Clinton reportedly backed out of appearing at an event Friday which was set to include Gabbard, according to Fox News.

She apparently withdrew from the three-day Fortune magazine’s Most Powerful Women Summit due to a scheduling conflict. That announcement was made as she sparked the clash with the 2020 hopeful, though a source noted that her decision not to participate was actually in protest against another scheduled speaker, former Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.