‘When Do The Republicans Finally Fight Back?’ Trump Drops List Of Demands For Dem. Rep. Adam Schiff

President Trump wants to know when Republicans are going to start fighting back against blatant corruption and wrongdoing by their colleagues across the aisle.

In a series of tweets, Trump took on Democratic House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and challenged Republicans to do something about him.

“This Scam going on right now by the Democrats against the Republican Party, and me, was all about a perfect phone call I had with the Ukrainian President. He’s already stated, NO PRESSURE!” Trump tweeted. “Where is the Whistleblower, or the 2nd Whistleblower, or the ‘informant?'”

“All gone because their so-called story didn’t come even close to matching up with the exact transcript of the phone call,” the president continued. “Was it a Corrupt Adam Schiff con? Why didn’t the IG see this? When do we depose Shifty Schiff to find out why he fraudulently made up my phone call and read this … fiction to Congress and the American People?”

“I demand his deposition. He is a fraud,” Trump said, speaking of Schiff, “just like the Russia Hoax was, and the Ukraine Hoax is now. When do the Do Nothing Democrats pay a price for what they are doing to our Country, & when do the Republicans finally fight back?”

Trump added another tweet with a video of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy announcing a vote to censure Schiff.

“Adam Schiff is a Corrupt Politician!” Trump tweeted with the video.

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BizPac Review adds:

Schiff is the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and has played a key role in the current Ukraine witch hunt. Tucker Carlson recently called him “demonstrably mentally ill” and said that he is involved in what amounts to “an administrative coup d’état.”

In September, Schiff now famously presented a fictional “parody” transcript of Trump’s phone call with the Ukraine president as fact during a committee hearing with Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire. He has also lied and misled the public by insisting he did not know the whistleblower, in spite of evidence to the contrary.

“How many times has he lied to us? He should be censured,” said Kevin McCarthy on Friday. McCarthy is the top Republican in the House of Representatives.

Republicans are expected to bring a motion to censure Schiff on Monday, though the Democrat majority is expected to table the motion.