GOP Rep. Files Ethics Complaint Against Adam Schiff For ‘Rules Broken’ And ‘False Statements’

Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz is taking the fight to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and has filed a formal ethics complaint against him.

Gaetz, who Schiff kicked out of an impeachment inquiry last week, alleged Schiff was guilty of making “false statement” and “rules broken” in the process of leading the impeachment inquiry.

BizPac Review reports Gaetz submitted the ethics complaint on Wednesday but it is not yet clear if the committee will launch an investigation into Schiff.

“I just filed an ethics complaint against @RepAdamSchiff over his handling of the impeachment inquiry into President Trump, Gaetz said in a tweet. “Schiff has lied to the American people and abused his power. We won’t allow him to continue trampling the Constitution.”

“I respectfully write to request the House Committee on Ethics open an investigation into rules broken, and false statements by Rep. Adam Schiff (CA-28), Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence,” Gaetz wrote in the letter he sent to the ethics committee.

The Republican complaint includes allegations that Schiff was guilty of “distorting” Trump’s call with the Ukrainian president, “lying to the public about ‘Russian collusion'”, and kicking Gaetz from an impeachment hearing last week.

“This behavior does not ‘reflect creditably on the House,’ nor does it follow ‘the spirit and letter of the Rules of the House,’” Gaetz added in the letter.

“Schiff must be held accountable,” the Republican continued in the second tweet.

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BizPac Review reports:

The Republican lawmaker, who was kicked out of a closed-door impeachment hearing with Trump’s former top aide on Russia, Fiona Hill, earlier this month, led some of his GOP House colleagues recently and stormed a secret hearing by House Intelligence, Foreign Affairs, and Oversight Committees in protest of the way Schiff has been conducting the proceedings.

Gaetz accused Schiff in his ethics complaint of giving a “distorted” and “wildly-inaccurate” characterization of the July phone call between Trump and the Ukraine leader during which the president asked for an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.

The letter noted that Schiff’s performance in portraying Trump’s remarks — which he admitted was a “parody” — violated House Rules and was “grossly misrepresenting the content of the call to the American people.”

The Western Journal adds:

As he notes in his letter, on Oct. 14, he physically entered the secure room where depositions were being taken, only to be “removed from the deposition by Chairman Schiff.”

And last week, according to Fox New, Gaetz was among about 30 House Republicans who disrupted impeachment testimony by storming the closed-door session where it was being held.