Joe Biden Gives Trump A New Nickname, Fails Miserably

Crooked Hillary. Sleepy Joe Biden. Quid Pro Joe. Crazy Bernie. Shifty Schiff. Leakin’ James Comey. Dummy Beto. Pocahontas [Elizabeth Warren]. Highly Conflicted Bob Mueller. Crazy Maxine Waters.

These are all nicknames President Trump has used to describe some of his political rivals and are among a sizable inventory the president has used in his brief political career. They are recognizable and often repeated until they stick.

He often uses these nicknames to describe his opponents, but what would happen if one of these rivals flipped the script and gave Trump a nickname?

Former Vice President Joe Biden found out the hard way that doling out a nickname may be harder than it first appears.

Twitchy reports: “Joe Biden’s campaign has come up with what they believe to be the perfect own of President Trump one year away from the 2020 election.”

Check out this grand slam:

“In one year, we will give Trump a nickname of his own: Former President Donald Trump,” Biden tweeted on Sunday afternoon, exactly one year before the 2020 presidential election.

That’s not how nicknames work—or elections for that matter.

Several people on Twitter were quick to point out that Biden completely missed the mark:

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And, sarcastically: