Not One Dem Gets Close To Beating Trump In New Texas Poll

The 2020 presidential election is one year away and there are still more than half a dozen Democratic candidates still seeking their party’s nomination.

According to a new University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll, it does not matter who wins as none of them get close to beating President Trump in Texas in a prospective head-to-head match up.

First up: Former Vice President and current frontrunner Joe Biden.

Biden has dominated the Democratic primary since his initial announcement, only conceding his lead in a singular poll through the past year. Otherwise, Biden has used his White House experience, proximity to former President Obama, and lengthy record to argue he is the best option for Democrats. Biden has also emerged as a less progressive option than leading contenders.

According to the Texas Tribune, Trump would win with 46 percent of the vote to Biden’s 39 percent.

Second: Senator Bernie Sanders.

This is Sanders’ second consecutive presidential election as he was beaten by Hillary Clinton in 2016. Correcting his past mistakes, the Vermont Senator claims he could bring a revolution to Washington with socialist agenda which will include Medicare for all, free tuition and schoolings, and massive tax increases for the wealthiest Americans.

Per the report, Trump’s lead slightly narrows but he still wins with 45 percent to Sanders’ 40 percent.

Third: Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Warren, who continues to argue with Sanders over who is more progressive, is pitching a similarly far-Left platform all the while arguing she should be the first woman elected to the presidency. The Massachusetts Senator has a Medicare for all plan of her own which comes with a whopping price tag of $52 trillion over the next decade, including $20.5 trillion in new federal spending.

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In this matchup, Warren does no better than Biden. Trump received 46 percent of the vote and she took 39 percent.

Here’s more on the poll, from the Texas Tribune:

In each matchup, significant numbers of Democrats are holding back their votes — possibly a sign that while they oppose the Republican incumbent, they favor a different Democrat. For instance, 89% of Republicans say they would support Trump over Biden, and 5% say they would favor Biden, leaving 6% unwilling to pick. But in the same race, 82% of Democrats favor Biden, and 4% favor Trump, leaving 14% who either like another Democrat more or don’t want to pick yet. The biggest gap was in the Trump-Castro matchup, where 93% of Republicans have a definite choice and only 71% of Democrats do.

“I don’t think this is a reflection of what’s going to happen in the election, but as we move from registered voters to likely voters in Texas, we tend to get more Republican [results],” said Joshua Blank, research director of the Texas Politics Project at UT-Austin.

While Trump is doing well against those Democrats in Texas, he’s not faring as well when voters are asked whether they will vote for his reelection. Slightly more than half say they “definitely” (46%) or “probably” (6%) will not vote for Trump in 2020. Meanwhile, 40% say they will “definitely” vote for the president’s reelection, and 8% “probably” will.