Atheists Complain About ‘In God We Trust’ Decal on Patrol Cars, Sheriff Immediately Fires Back

In Brevard County, Florida, the sheriff has refused to remove new decals on patrol cars that read, “In God We Trust.”

An atheist group lodged a complaint.

Sheriff Wayne Ivey told Fox News, “They have a better chance of me waking up thin tomorrow morning than they do of me taking that motto off our cars! I personally believe that our country is at a tipping point, and if we, as strong patriotic Americans, don’t stand for the principals of our great nation, we are going to lose the America we all know and love!”

The complaint came from the atheist activist group, Freedom From Religion Foundation. They wrote in a letter that the new decal is “frightening and politically dubious.” FFRF co-president Annie Laurie Gaylor urged that the decals containing the phrase “In God We Trust” be removed. She said, “Spending taxpayer time placing religious messages on patrol cars is beyond the scope of secular government.”

The decals were reportedly suggested by an area military veteran.

“I can assure you that the proud men and women of our agency are forever unwavering in our support of the constitution and the principles of our amazing country,” the sheriff said.

Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, Florida posted the following response on Facebook:

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Evangelical leader Rev. Franklin Graham praised the Sheriff: