Gov. Deval Patrick Officially Joins Democratic Presidential Primary

It’s official: After weeks of speculation, former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has officially joined the Democratic presidential primary.

During an interview with CBS News on Thursday, Patrick recognized that he was entering the race very late into the process and will need to hit the ground running if he hopes to make an impact before the Iowa primary.

“You can’t know if you can break through if you don’t get out there and try,” Patrick said via Politico. “I’ve been waiting for a moment like this my whole life. And by that, I don’t mean a moment to run for president, but a moment when the appetite for big ideas is big enough for the size of the challenges we face in America.”

According to the report, the Patrick campaign is looking to unite more far-Left voters who would likely vote for Senators Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren with moderate voters who would likely back former Vice President Joe Biden.

Patrick said this middle-ground approach is how he will look “to pull the nation together.”

“Right now, we have a really talented, really gifted, and a very hardworking and hard-sacrificing field of Democratic candidates, many of them my personal friends. But we seem to be migrating to, on the one camp, sort of nostalgia, let’s just get rid, if you will, of the incumbent president and we can go back to doing what we used to do. Or, you know, it’s our way, our big idea, or no way,” Patrick continued. “And neither of those, it seems to me, seizes the moment to pull the nation together and bring some humility that — frankly — we have a lot of ideas, but no one candidate, no one party has a corner on all the best ideas.”

During the campaign announcement, Patrick made key policy positions clear—especially how they compare to Warren or Sanders.

Politico reports:

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Patrick said he supports a public health care option, but not the Medicare for All proposal that is popular with the party’s left wing. He also said he’s not opposed to a wealth tax, a key component of Warren’s campaign, but called for simplifying the tax code more broadly.

“I don’t think that wealth is the problem. I think greed is the problem,” said Patrick, who joined the private equity firm Bain Capital after leaving office.

Patrick made his campaign public with an announcement video online early Thursday morning where he explains the race for the White House is about “more than removing an unpopular and divisive leader.”

Check it out: