Poll: Trump’s Approval Rating Has Gone Up Since Start Of Impeachment

President Trump may be staring down a relentless effort by Democrats to have him impeached, but he can revel in a new Rasmussen poll which shows his approval rating has actually gone up since the start of the process.

“The daily evaluation of the president found a four-point bounce for Trump following the first day of House impeachment hearings on Wednesday,” the Washington Examiner reports, citing Rasmussen.

According to the survey, Trump held a 46 percent approval rating on Wednesday. This scored jumped to 48 percent on Thursday and peaked at 50 percent on Friday.

These days were the very same days that Democrats hosted impeachment hearings at the Capitol, offering several “star” witnesses the opportunity to publically testify.

Twitchy reports the latest attempt from House Democrats to impeach Trump has seemingly backfired as support for impeachment is dropping.

According to the report, voters may be growing weary of the process as more than three years of Democrats trying to remove Trump from office have repeatedly failed.

From Twitchy:

After the Mueller report crashed and burned after a couple of years of buildup, Democrats knew they had to act fast with their next attempt to impeach the president. The Ukraine phone call hit the news and Democrats came out of the gates running, managing even to get a reluctant Speaker Nancy Pelosi to acknowledge there was some sort of impeachment inquiry going on.

The Democrats have kept up the pace, swapping out “quid pro quo” for “bribery” and holding public hearings to finally get some faces on TV and soundbites on cable news.

Whereas Democrats are unrelenting in their effort, Five-ThirtyEight’s Nate Silver reports support for “impeach and remove” has fallen to 46.7 percent, the lowest it has been since early October.

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Opposition to the impeachment effort is also at the highest it has been since the same time.

Daniel Vaughan, a columnist for the Conservative Institute, reports voters are turning away from impeachment, despite Democrats and mainstream media continuing to back it.

According to Vaughan, “Around 85% to 90% of Republican voters oppose impeachment. Most representatives are reflecting their member’s views on this process.”

Voters are not the only ones turning away from the turbulent impeachment process, but the Stock Market has shown record-breaking closing figures over the past few days.