Trump Campaign Seizes End Of Impeachment Hearings With Release Of New T-Shirts

The Trump campaign is looking to capitalize on the impeachment process after having to endure nearly a week of public congressional impeachment hearings.

Led by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, the highly partisan impeachment process—which the White House referred to as a “sham”—was a theatrical display of how far Democrats are willing to go to try to prove Trump should be impeached.

Despite their efforts, not one single witness that Democrats brought forth could name a single impeachable offense that Trump committed.

Now its Trump’s turn on the offensive and his campaign quickly seized the moment.

Now available on the Trump campaign store is a new “Bull-Schiff” t-shirt.

From BizPac Review:

Naturally, the Trump campaign trolled Schiff and fundraised off his melodramatic rant by selling “Bull-Schiff” shirts.

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale tweeted: “Adam Schiff is running the Democrat sham impeachment but now it’s time you got your say! Get your 100% cotton, American-made t-short today and show your support for Donald Trump!”

The shirts spotlight Schiff’s skinny neck, an homage to President Trump’s “pencil neck” jabs.

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For his part, Schiff did very little to offer fairness or transparency through the impeachment process: he initially held impeachment proceedings behind closed doors and when the process went public he refused to allow Republicans to bring their own witnesses before the committee. Schiff also used theatrical language to describe Trump’s actions, often calling them worse than former President Richard Nixon’s watergate scandal.

“What we’ve seen here is far more serious than a third-rate burglary of the Democratic headquarters,” Schiff said, per BizPac Review. “What we’re talking about here is the withholding of recognition in that White House meeting. The withholding of military aid to an ally at war. That is beyond anything Nixon did.”

(Aid to Ukraine was never withheld under the Trump administration. It was, however, withheld under the Obama administration.)

Schiff continued: “There is nothing more dangerous than an unethical president who believes they are above the law. And I would just say to people watching at home and around the world: We are better than that.”