‘The Evidence Is Clear’: Pelosi Claims Trump Violated Constitutional Oath

After five days of public congressional impeachment hearings, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi now claims she has seen enough evidence to believe that President Trump has violated his oath to the Constitution.

Despite this, she and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff say a final decision on impeachment has not yet been made, Reuters reports.

“The evidence is clear … that the president has used his office for his own personal gain and in doing so undermined the national security,” Pelosi told a group of reporters. “He has violated his oath of office.”

“We are not finished yet. The day is not over and you never know what testimony of one person may lead to the need for the testimony of another,” she continued.

Reuters reports the Democrat-led House Intelligence Committee is still deliberating on whether or not it will recommend formal articles of impeachment against the president after conducting its fifth and final scheduled day of public hearings on Thursday.

A potential impeachment charge is centered on “Trump’s request in a July 25 phone call that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy conduct probes of Trump’s political rivals,” Reuters reports.

“The inquiry is also examining whether Trump’s withholding of $391 million in security aid to Ukraine was meant to pressure Zelenskiy to undertake the investigations,” the report adds.

President Trump has denied all wrongdoing but told “Fox & Friends” on Friday that he would be open to the House charging the president so that the trial moves over to the Republican-led Senate.

“Frankly, I want a trial,” Trump said during the interview, where he said a trial would afford him and Republicans the opportunity to bring in Schiff and Hunter Biden to testify.

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